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  • What is a planetarium?
    A planetarium is a theatre of the Universe. It can surround you with an accurate image of the sparkling night sky. It can show all the motions and cycles of the sky.
  • What is a portable planetarium?
    A portable planetarium is a dome-shaped structure that projects stars and other night sky images onto its inner walls. This allows visitors to experience the night sky in a unique and interactive way, without leaving the comfort of their
  • What shows are currently playing in the portable planetarium?
    Shows can be found under the service section of the planetarium homepage. Presentations are listed by grade band.
  • How long is each presentation?
    Under the service description, users will find the runtime for each service provided in minutes.
  • Is photography allowed during the planetarium show?
    While we want to encourage enthusiasm, flash photography and the use of any light emitting device will greatly alter the experience for all participants. Please refrain from using devices until the presentation has concluded.
  • How do I make reservations for a planetarium show?
    All reservations will be made using the "Request to Book" button on the service page. Users should then select a date for their request. Requests can be made up to 30 days in advance.
  • The website requests a fee for a reservation, how do I pay?
    At this time reservations will solely be for Paterson Public Schools. Users making a reservation will be provided a coupon code by their administrator that completely covers the fee listed. Proposed payments will be remitted on the day service is provided. Fee based presentation will only be for organizations outside of Paterson Public Schools. (This will be updated in the future to include payment policy)
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Please cancel reservations within 24 hours of the start time of the presentation (9am the previous day).
  • Is eating and drinking allowed?
    There will be no food or drink allowed in the planetarium. Items can be placed outside of the planetarium and picked up after the presentation.
  • How many students fit inside the portable planetarium?
    In order to provide comfortable programming 30 students can fit into the planetarium. Younger fun-size students can go a bit higher, or older space explorers might require a few less.
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