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Northern Lights
Principal's Message

Dr. Charla Holder


We believe that every student can and will succeed if provided with the proper support and opportunities.
Therefore, we all must be accountable to ensure the success of our students. With that said, we understand the
commitment it takes for all students to reach their highest potential. Therefore, my responsibility as the principal is
to oversee this process, guide the staff, and allocate the resources and support to make it happen.

Here at Paterson P-TECH, provide a safe, secure environment where every student will acquire the skills and knowledge
necessary to become accomplished, productive global community members. This goal can be achieved with our
excellent P-TECH team. What I MOST appreciate about the staff is how even under abnormal circumstances, they
never waver.
I look forward to working together to nurture this learning environment; therefore, I encourage parents to get
involved in their student's education through attendance and participation at the various school events and meetings
throughout the year. I am confident this will be a successful school year with your support for a strong foundation
of excellence.

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